Reader 2
October 2021 – November 2021

'Original' contributions by Arbeitsgruppe SEK-IK, Julia Burek (including an interview with Marianne Dobner), Sebastian Eder, M. Y. Fidesser, Jorinna Girschik and Philip Tankarian, Emma Kling, Richard Klippfeld, Alex Macedo, Katharina Mährlen, Carolina Rotter, Ludovico Scalmani, Valentin Unger, Lisa Wirzel, and wml. Supplementary texts, excerpts, images, and further material by, amongst others, Eva Barto, Gustave Courbet, David Joselit, Florence Jung, Jennifer King, Ben Kinmont, Alex Kitnick, Henrike Naumann, and Josefine Wikström.

Intro (German)

First edition: October 2021
Edition: 60 + 10 ("The Love of Painting")
Published by: SEK-IK working group, Vienna 2021

Fonts: Untitled Sans, Utopia Std
Grafic design: Richard Klippfeld
Printing: 4c digital printing, risography (cover)
Paper: Grey pure board, Steinbeis No. 2
Binding: Wire comb binding
A4, 164 pages (plus extras)

This volume has been published in the series Reader. Reader 2 combines a selection of course materials – and things missing from the syllabus – with contributions that emerged from the seminar Die Nachleben der Institutionskritik taught by Hannes Loichinger at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in the summer term 2020 and the winter term 2020/2021. Reader 2 is based on the format of compiled course materials as used at universities; unlike these, it reflects the state of material after the course has been held.

Edition "The Love of Painting" – the publication including the cap "The Love of Painting" by Alex Macedo as well as all the extras – available upon request.