Spiritual Cleansing
May 11–May 15, 2021 – Angewandte / Lichthof A

With works by Ahmad Thaer, Cristian Anutoiu, Baurjan Aralov, Yunhee Cheong, Jorinna Girschik, Ani Gurashvili, Suzuka Hisamatsu, Semi Kwon, Lili Pataki, Erin Sankey, Valentino Skarwan
Curated by Yunhee Cheong, Cristian Anutoiu, Janka Dosa, Suzuka Hisamatsu, Nayeun Park, Erin Sankey, Barbara Tunkovitsch

a candle lit foot massage for rejuvenation and renewal of the soul and body. i invite you to sage your inner temple to free yourself from the weight of your nightmares and illuminate the passage to your most sacred dreams. what began as a mani-pedi became not simply the purification of your nailbeds and the removal of your dried up and disastrous cuticles but also turned into a palm reading… complete with all the edifying details of your true destiny. are you dehydrated? let us mix you a potion made from the purest freshest juices and antioxidants to detox your physical and spiritual self. what color is your aura now?


Photos: Nayeun Park