The Each
June 28 – July 1, 2022; Painting department, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Project in the framework of Angewandte Festival 2022

For the Angewandte Festival, Klasse Malerei has rebuilt the studio space into a Youth Center-as-exhibition space. "St Geryon Youth Club" is inspired by Anne Carson’s "Autobiography of Red." A "novel in verse," this story is based on "Geryoneis", a poem written by Greek Lyric Poet Stesichorus in 6th century BC, which tells the story of a red winged monster named Geryon and his "heroic" killer, Heracles. Carson’s work includes her translation of the existing fragments of this poem, and then expounds on the myth with a modern day queer coming of age story. Through the lens of the anti-hero narrative, Klasse Malerei built up a theatrical installation which frames student paintings based on the fragments of "Geryoneis." As part of the Youth Center, there is a daily program of activities, including musical performances, readings, film screenings, wood carving workshops and more. A red juice and soda bar will be open during select hours during the festival.

Red and three-headed, the word each decays as a thought like musty mushrooms. The dialogue is an incomprehensible classic. The splatter shows us that bodies are not fixed. The similarity of our bodies does not provide a basis for a successful conversation, in splatter then perhaps only one severed leg understands the plot or again only one hand understands that only the one leg understands something. Splatter leads to the fact that a graceful whole loses legs. And then they live on. The body of essentialism shudders. But it exists only also. Animated ornaments are not uncommon on a red island. The resemblance of skeletons exists only also. The essentialism exists only also. That understands the cut off leg then again quite well. Violence is not to be seen as opposed to beauty. The hand understands that while it carries out a gesture which the other hand again does not understand. The similarity of our bodies does not provide a basis for a successful conversation. The relaxed mood is always.

Participants: Quirin Babl, Marei Buhmann, Sarah Buhmann, Yunhee Cheong, Kaleb Christian, Frank Daubenfeld, Naomi Shintani Deibel, Marie Yaël Fidesser, Christian Gailer, Jorinna Girschik, Suzuka Hisamatsu, Yoon A Lee, Chattip Metchanun, Sebastian Mittl, Alex Macedo, William Metin Martin, Rasha Omar, Ei Ozawa, Leonie Plattner, Emil Puchner, Sara Röth, Sofie Fatouretchi Royer, Ludovico Scalmani, Hanna Schmidt, Marcia Schmidt, Vanessa Schmidt, Lucia Schwemer, Marielena Stark, Pol Summer, Evgeny Tantsurin, Selana Ayşe Türgen, Myrtó Typadis, Evelyn Vonesch, Till Weinhold, Lisa M. Wirzel, David Takeshi Yoshida

16 fragments of Autobiography of Red on Soundcloud
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← Votive relief; marble; Lysimachides, son of Lysimachos, from Acharnai to Amynos; End of 4th century B.C.; found in Athens, NM Athens 3526 (Creative Commons; George E. Koronaios)
→ Screenshots from The L Word, S1E1 (2004)